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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kitchen Bridal Shower

I threw a kitchen bridal shower for my lovely friend and cousin last weekend. Since she was new to cooking & wanted to learn for her new life with her future hubby, I thought this theme would be great for her!

Her wedding theme is purple, so I also incorporated the color into her cupcake/cake tier! I made ube (taro) cupcakes which are purple. I topped the tier with 4 jumbo cupcakes that were wrapped with sayings "Congrats, Donna" and "Isn't love delicious?" and had little kitchen gadgets on top of the cupcakes (a knife, spoon, frying pan, & spatula).

A bridesmaid had her sister make chocolate cake pops & mini red velvet cupcakes to also go with the theme. My sister also made yummy pecan tarts from scratch for the first time! So proud of her!

I also made a photo garland as decoration that said "BRIDAL SHOWER." It was simple to make. I just printed photos of the couple onto regular card stock paper & also created the lettering on my computer. After cutting them out, I hole punched them at the top & strung purple string through the holes.

For centerpieces, the Bride's florist created centerpieces, but I also threw in some kitchen themed centerpieces. I had measuring cups filled with chex mix for guests to snack on at the tables! So easy, cheap, & cute!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes

My newlyweds bible study group had a BACON potluck for one of our summer gatherings. My husband made bacon potato gratin, & of course I attempted cupcakes with bacon. I made a basic chocolate batter & after frying bacon & chopping it into pieces, I poured about a cup of bacon bits into the batter, then baked. I topped each cupcake with chocolate frosting & more bacon. The cupcakes & potluck were a hit!

Here are some other bacon desserts!

Bacon brownies!

My friend had added some of the bacon fat to the brownie batter!

These were so good! Chewy & delicious!

Bacon rice crispy treats!

Subtle salty flavor but still delicious!