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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall 2010 Cupcakes

It's officially the Fall season according to my calender, but it so hot here in Southern California. 100 degrees?!?! Oh, come on! For my women's bible study at Knott Avenue Christian Church, we are studying the book of Ruth for our Women's Connections Fall 2010. To continue the Fall look of our morning cafe sessions at church, I made sugar free chocolate cupcakes topped with milk chocolate leaves & vanilla frosting. I know cupcakes are not the exact breakfast snack you want at 9am, but cupcakes are what I do!

I handmade the chocolate leaves by melting chocolate, piping the leaves freehand onto wax paper laid out on a cookie sheet, then chilled the leaves in the refrigerator for an hour or so. I tinted the frosting light orange to give the cupcakes a "fall" effect. The cupcakes are sugar free because I substituted the sugar with Splenda for baking. Enjoy!!!


  1. very cute stuff you have here. For the green/blue baby shower, I actually topped them with edible Easter Grass that I bought from Rite Aid during the easter season. Hope this helps.

    Ashley DIY

  2. Oh, that's clever! I would have never thought about using that! Thanks for replying!